Sous Vide Eggs

Here are some eggs we sous vide at 63 degrees for 2o minutes.  My banquet cook Andrew at the Jacksonville Inn experimented with just the right time and temperature for these great results.  They went great on our House smoked wild Columbia River Sturgeon we did for a party of 300 for my last big party off site.  Worked great!  We were cracking them on site.  Beautiful… 

Sous Vide Pulled Pork

We season pork butt with salt, sugar and aromatics and cure it over night.  It’s then sealed and sous vide for 12 hours at 176 deg.  We will be using this for our chicken fried pulled pork.

Sous Vide Filet Crusted With Rogue Creamery Blue

WIth Crispy Potatoes and Peas and Carrots (5-Color Baby Carrots from our garden…)

Oregon Cheesemaker’s Guild Dinner Final

This was a great time.  Really enjoyed havin fun with some killer cheese.  Thanks for all that came.  We had a sell out crowd of 132 people. 

Ancient Heritage Dairy Scio Heritage Sheep’s Milk Cheese and Prosciutto Sandwich with Creamy Sweet Onion and Duck Confit Soup with White Truffle Essence

Green Olive Stuffed Quail over Tillamook White Cheddar Polenta with Crispy Cheddar Tuilles

Rogue Creamery Caveman Blue Cheese Crusted Filet of Beef with Oregon Black Truffle-Potato Puree, Spring Onion and Sweet Pea Ragout and Local Cabernet Reduction

Three Ring Farms River’s Edge Fresh Chevre and Pistachio Truffles with Belgium Hot Chocolate Topped with Cocoa “Caviar”

New Application for Sous Vide Cooking (For Our Kitchen Anyway…)

So, I have been doing a lot of slow and low cooking using my thermal immersion circulator…  But for the last wine maker’s dinner we did, I cooked filets that were sealed with salt, pepper and olive oil at 130 deg F for 1 hour.  This made them a perfect medium rare and the texture was like silk.  I did not sear them after.  Simply served them as they were.  Funny, they almost looked completely uncooked…  Meat lover’s dream…  I used some closed cell foam tape attached to the bag to get an internal temperature reading of the meat without compromising the vacuum seal.

Chicken Sous Vide.

I have a nice source for some local whole chickens which we have been butchering out the airline from and sous videing.

These go into 140 deg F water for only 2 hours.  Then they are seasoned and seared to a golden brown and served right now with a roasted garlic jus, bacon braised swiss chard and roasted garlic potato puree. 

Water bath is ALMOST ready…

I think I mentioned this before, bones are used for our stock, livers for a sautéed dish in our bistro, thighs for our bistro coq au vin, and the wings for my soon to be famous chef snacks (see prior post…).  I love 100% useable products.

More Sous Vide.

Here are some shots of my next batch of sous vide shortribs.  As you can tell from the photo, it all starts off traditional with some great searing on the grill and sweated mirepoix…

By the way, those little chunks made great snacks.

It’s all finished with some demiglaze, red wine and aromatics.  Then it’s sealed and placed in 131 deg F bath for 48 hours.  Filet texture with shortrib taste.  How, I mean HOW can you go wrong?  Planing on serving this with the braising jus and parsnips for an upcoming party.

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