Straw Bale Garden In the Works

I first heard about this technique a couple of months ago.  The idea is that you can start the composting process in the bales by letting nitrogen (in my case, organic chicken manure) soak into them and allow them to “cook” over the space of a week.  (See previous post for details).  

Now that we have started our rainy season, I have purchased 4 bales of straw and have set them out into our mini farm.  My “farm hands” spread the manure over the tops and soaked them in real good.  We’ll continue the soaking process a couple of times a day unless it’s raining.  Hopefully these guys will start heating up real well and maybe we’ll see some mushrooms poking out.

After the bales cool down when the reaction subsides, the natural nitrogen in the straw will be available for whatever we want to plant.  We will be using them mostly for micro kale, micro cucumbers, pea tendrils, red vein sorrel, and nasturtiums for our Beyond the Kitchen farm dinners.  It’s gonna be great!


Wild Ramp Butter

I made a lot of ramp butter with some more ramps I got.  Thinking something with oven braised rainbow trout….

Hawaiian Tombo Tuna

Found a use for these great Oregon pickled ramps.  I’m pairing them with a salad of crispy Spring new potatoes, grilled asparagus, pepper bacon and a cider-mustard vinaigrette.  It’s finished with avocado puree, hard boiled egg and micro turnips/pea tendrils from our kitchen garden.  Can’t wait for the local albacore tuna season to open up!

New Spring Dessert

Here we are playing with our new blueberry-lemon mascapone cheesecake.  Sold a lot of them on it’s debut night…

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Next Week Tuesday..

This is the day we plant our garden at the Inn.  It will herby be refered to as “The Jacksonville Inn Gardens”.  Weeds have bene removed, composted topsoil has been dropped and rocks removed.  Let’s grow.

3 Varieties of Patty Pan Squash

4 Varieties of Zucchini Squash

3 Varieties of Cherry Tomatoes

4 Colors of Baby Carrots

Pickling Cucumbers

Snow Peas

Herbs, Herbs and Herbs

Heirloom Radish

Baby Broccoli

Big Morel.

This is a “tourist” morel.  Big, but not much flavor and little culinary value….  Still impressive though.

More Springtime.

River’s Edge Fresh Chevre Gelato with Spring Strawberry-Pistachio Ice Cream and Strawberry Gelee.  Now all we need is some micro lemon mint.  Where are those grow lights, anyway?

Kitchen Garden

Yey!  It’s going.  Pea tendrils, micro beet greens, micro radish greens, micro arugula, micro basil, micro parsley, micro cilantro…  All I am missing is the mint.  WHY CAN’T I FIND MINT SEEDS LOCALLY??  Okay,  mail order, here I come.

First of the Local Season.

Thanks to Louis at Mushrooms All Year for getting these for us!

Now all I need are some ramps!

Oregon Cheesemakers Guild Dinner SOLD OUT.

Sorry, folks.  I just got the cheeses today.  Man, are they fantastic!  Thanks to Rogue Creamery, Ancient Heritage Dairy, Three Ring Farms, and the Tillamook folks for all this killer cheese…  Here is the heart and the sole of the dinner.

No, They’re NOT From Costco. Scratch Cooking.

Kalamata Olive Ravioli.  This is the process…



Louis over at Mushrooms All Year has told me today that he found over a pound of morels!!  Early spring after all.  Who needs that old ground-hog anyway?

Spring is Coming

Looking forward to the wild Oregon items…  Ramps, watercress, morels (OMG, Morels…) and other springtime favs… Peas, strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus, fresh favas, radish, turnips, beets, garlic scapes, fiddleheads, …  YUM!

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