Wild Ramp Butter

I made a lot of ramp butter with some more ramps I got.  Thinking something with oven braised rainbow trout….

Hawaiian Tombo Tuna

Found a use for these great Oregon pickled ramps.  I’m pairing them with a salad of crispy Spring new potatoes, grilled asparagus, pepper bacon and a cider-mustard vinaigrette.  It’s finished with avocado puree, hard boiled egg and micro turnips/pea tendrils from our kitchen garden.  Can’t wait for the local albacore tuna season to open up!


Okay, I have been threatening to try some homemade butter.   I love fresh, imported European butter.  I recently learned that special flavor that is missing from most domestic butters is that European butter is made from cultured cream.  I went ahead and cultured some cream and churned it into butter.

So, I also learned that buttermilk is the left over liquid that separated out of the butter.  It’s tang comes from the culturing from the cream in the first place.  Uncultured cream has a very sweet taste.  Perhaps this is the difference in European butter and domestic “sweet cream” butter?

Finally we have the separating of the buttermilk from the butter solids.  After it’s drained away, I reserve the buttermilk that will be used for our pancakes and then rinse the solids under running cold water.  This step is important because the residual buttermilk will spoil quickly if left in the solids.

The solids are then kneaded until they come together and you get a velvety smooth product which is to die for.  I lightly salted one batch and left the other batch unsalted.  Can’t wait to have pancakes tomorrow morning!!!!

Next step is to try it with some local milk.  I used commercial pasteurized cream for this experiment.

Homemade Butter…

I have been facinated with making homemade butter for about 5 years now.  I have only done it once.  Many chefs might say “yawn…” but how many are actually doing this?  True, it’s uber expensive, but if you get some great local cream from a dairy, this needs to happen…  I will be playing around with it for a little while and post the results as they come around…

Also, I will be doing more tweeting.  I will start tweeting from the kitchen hopefully on a daily basis.  It may take a bit for it to become routine for me, but I would like to share some real time events as they unfold in the kitchen.  Good fun.  http://twitter.com/Heubel

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