Duck, Take One…

Here is version 1.1 of our new duck dish.  It’s pretty standard with pan seared duck breast, confit leg, butternut squash puree and roasted fall root vegetable hash.   Good, solid winter flavors.  I, however, wanted to somehow make the skin **SUPER** crispy thus altering the final texture.  I was thinking of duck skin as thin as chicken skin.  On our next version, we will be involving a frozen, meat glued block of duck skin and a thermal circulator to reinvent it.  Can’t wait!  Be on the look out for version 1.2

New Spring Duck Dish

Slow rendered duck breast with wilted Spring spinach and duck confit salad, cauliflower puree and wild huckleberry jus.

Chef’s Wisdom #82

Do **NOT** drop a 6 quart container full of warm duck fat in the walk-in just before you are planing on going home for the evening.

Sous Vide Potato Confit

Here is a take on a technique first done by Chris Huerta who I worked with at Old Edwards last.   He would confit the potatoes traditionally in a pot on the stove.  Here, I used seasoned duck fat and sous vide them at 176 deg F for 2.5 hours.  They will be crisped in a pan to order and served with…?

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