Sous Vide Chicken with Oregon White Truffles

Here is the first dish I made today using my truffles for Sunday Brunch.



Oregon White Spring Truffles

Funny, I didn’t even know these existed until I saw them.  And the aroma…  WOW!  Seriously.  These are unreal.  It’s frustrating though because I am having a hard time devising my next special for them for some reason.  I just want to smell them.  🙂  Hopefully I can come up with something soon.  The weather has been warm and sunny.  Not really what you would think of for truffles I’m only used to using during cold winter months.  We’ll see…

Oregon Cheese Guild Dinner Coming!

Mark your calendars.  March 19th at 6:15pm at the US Hotel right next to the Jacksonville Inn.  We will be featuring cheeses from Rogue Creamery, Three Ring Farms, Tillamook and Ancient Heritage Dairy.  Tickets are $75 a person all inclusive.


1st Course:

Ancient Heritage Dairy Scio Heritage Sheep’s Milk Cheese and Prosciutto Sandwich with Creamy Sweet Onion and Duck Confit Soup with White Truffle Essence

2nd Course

Green Olive Stuffed Quail over Tillamook White Cheddar Polenta with Crispy Cheddar Tuilles

3rd Course

Rogue Creamery Caveman Blue Cheese Crusted Filet of Beef with Oregon Black Truffle-Potato Puree, Spring Onion and Sweet Pea Ragout and Local Cabernet Reduction

4th Course

Three Ring Farms River’s Edge Chevre and Pistachio Truffles with Belgium Hot Chocolate


There is also a day-long festival on Saturday the 20th at Rogue Creamery in Central Point.  General admission is only $10 and $5 for a wine flight.  It will take place in a farmer’s market style under a huge tent and promises to be a lot of fun. 

“The farmer’s market format will present an interactive experience between makers and visitors, giving everyone an opportunity to talk about the product, the process and learn each individual cheesemaker’s story,” says David Gremmels, owner with Cary Bryant of Rogue Creamery. “It’s a way to truly be connected with the source of the cheese being presented.”

I hope to see you there!


Oregon Truffles

What true culinary value do Oregon truffles have, especially considering the reputation of their european counterparts?  Sure, the Oregon truffles cost around 10% of what the French and Italians cost, but are they any good?  During my career, I have had the fortune to work with truffles (black and white) from Burgundy, Alba, Oregon and China.  The most I have seen the Alba whites go for are in the neighbourhood of $3,000 per pound.  Needless to say, in my frugal mind in trying to operate a successful business, 10% of $3,000 is only $300 for the Oregon whites and on occasion have used them (in both Hawaii and North Carolina).  I have to say that I have not been a big fan.  They would always be odorless and tasteless.  I simply assumed that they were just far inferior to their European counterparts.  Until now…

Now that I am here in the PNW, I get to work with these guys straight from the people who forage them.  They are not coming to me from a middle man where the truffles may have exchanged hands a number of times.  These come from people who know what they are foraging and supply the best.  I have learned that young truffles do not have any aroma or flavor and need more time to mature.  Perhaps this was the problem before.  I now consistently get truffles that are ripe, pungent and ready to take on any culinary creation I can think of.  That, and a bargain price of 90% off Europe’s truffles, make it a steel in my mind.  They are just as enchanting, perhaps more so because I live in the area where they grow and I work with the people who forage for them.  If you have a moment, check out the following web site that will discuss in further detail Oregon truffles and what they are all about.  Great stuff…

New Year’s Eve

Here is our New Year’s Eve menu that was put together and executed by our Chef de Cusine Chris Huerta and crew.  Check out Chris’ blog at

Madison’s New Years Eve 2008

Champagne, Truffles and Caviar” 

First Course

House Cured Bacon and Potato Soup,

Beet Gelee, Crispy Leeks, Georgia Caviar

Second Course

American Wagyu Beef Carpaccio,

 Aioli, Black Winter Truffle Puree,

Smoked Truffles, Focaccia and Artisans Salts

Third Course

Champagne Braised Carolina Trout,

Turnips, Pearl Onions,

Crispy Potato and Champagne Clam Emulsion,

 Local Trout Caviar

Fourth Course

Herb Seared Lamb Loin,

  Truffles, Salsify Ravioli, Parsnips,

Marjoram Thyme Truffled Butter Sauce

Fifth Course

White Chocolate Cake, Passion Fruit Mousse, Champagne Pomegranate Sabayon, Shattered Dark Chocolate

$85 per person

Tax, gratuity and beverages not included.


White Chocolate Cake

Herb Seared Lamb

Champagne Braised Sunburst Trout

American Wagyu Beef Carpaccio

House Cured Bacon and Potato Soup


I like truffles.  Even if these are from China, they still carry some of the aroma.

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