White Chocolate-Peppermint Cheesecake

Okay. Here is the final dessert using the aerated chocolate as a garnish.


For the cheesecake, we made a standard batter flavored with white chocolate and ground starlight mints. We baked it without a crust, let it cool, then placed it in a mixer with a paddle attachment to cream it back together and to aerate it. We then made some mock Oreo cookie dough, baked it, then ground it into a fine powder for garnish as well. IMG_0861
For the final plate up, we put another starlight mint in a low oven to allow it to soften, then pressed it paper thin so it shatters when it’s put in your mouth. We placed 3 quenelles of the cheesecake on the plate, a stripe of chocolate sauce and micro peppermint, and we’re good to go.  Here is the dessert plated on white china and also marble.

Black Bean Powder…

So, I went to grab the black pepper to grind for service and grabbed the black beans instead.  In the opaque container, they almost looked the same.  I laughed a little inside and decided to grind some beans anyway…

Black Beans in a Vita Prep

Not sure what we will use them for right now…  Some quick ideas that were throw around included black bean fried chicken (yey) or incorporating the powder in our burger buns for our new black bean burger we just started…  Pastas, gluten free breads, enrich and thicken sauces, it goes on and on…  I’m already thinking of what else I can powder…  Lentils, wild rice, barley, split peas…  Use them to crust fish and then sear, use in batters…  The list goes on…  Let’s see how some of these ideas turn out.  Can’t wait.

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