Another Perfect Health Inspection!

Congratulations to everyone!  ANOTHER perfect 100 points for our health inspection.



It’s nice to be recognized for your efforts from time to time.  Here we won the Southern Oregon Magazine’s Best Fine Dining Restaurant 2 years in a row.  Great job by everyone!

Dinner at Roxyann Winery

Well, we just finished a nice event at the Roxyann Winery here in Medford.  30 guests from the S.O.H.O. gathered and enjoyed some great wine, food and fun. 

Wild Mushroom Terrine with White Truffle Aioli and Potato Croutons

Warm Yukon Gold and Baby spinach Salad with Black Oregon Truffles

Curried Cauliflower and Honeycrisp Apple Soup with Toasted Wild Rice and Parsley Essence

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Maple Roasted Butternut Squash Puree and Pinenut Green Beans with Apple Cider Reduction

Grandma’s Wine Cake with Meyer Lemon Ice Cream and Hot Spiced Apple Cider

All in all it was fantastic.  We had a great time.  I got too busy to take photos of all the courses once things started rolling.  Here’s some of what I did catch…

Thanks to Roxyann for hoisting and also, I must say, the 2006 Claret is my favorite local wine at this time.

World Class Cheese, Wines and Food. What’s Next for Southern Oregon? How about Olive Oil?

Farmer looks to kick start olive oil industry in S. Oregon

By Ron Brown
July 13, 2009
MEDFORD, Ore. – With Southern Oregon establishing it’s reputation for growing grapes, another warm climate crop is starting to take root.
More than 130 acres between Jacksonville and Medford are the beginning of what some hope will be an olive oil industry in the Rogue Valley.
Olive tree Grower Jeff Hoyal has planted more than 86,000 Greek and Spanish olive varieties he believes are well-suited to this area’s weather and soil.
“We have Koriniki, which is a Greek variety, a very peppery oil. We have Arbisona, which is a Spanish variety and is a very sweet oil. And then we have Arbiqina, which is another Spanish variety, which is a very buttery oil. And all three of them are, historically, create the top quality extra virgin oil that, that you’re really looking for,” Olive Tree Grower Jeff Hoyal said.
The Oregon State University extension service in Southern Oregon is also experimenting with 60 trees in a test plot.

Best Restaurant Award!

Wow.  The awards for this place keep coming.  I am honored to be a part of it.  Southern Oregon Magazine has just announced it’s “Best of” awards and Jacksonville Inn has received the “Best Fine Dining Restaurant” in Southern Oregon award.  Check out for the article.  While I have only been here for 5 short months, it’s suffice to say that the restaurant has a great loyal following and some of the things I have done seem to be noticed.  “It doesn’t hurt that the food here is marvelous with a menu that reflects ‘consistancy and a natural evolution'”. 

We Did It!!

We are fortunate enough to have earned the prestigious Mobil 4 Star award for Old Edwards Inn and also a separate 4 Star award for our Spa. We have all worked hard and to see this as a reality is certainly very rewarding. It’s been a great experience. Until next year’s awards are announced, we will continue to refine and improve upon our process and technique. Thank you everone who has supported us. Our resort runs as a team effort and awards like these are not possible without the full comitment from everyone involved. It’s a great time now.

Mobil Travel Guide Awards

Mobil Travel Guide is set to announce it’s 2009 awards on Thursday, 1/22/09. How will Old Edwards Inn do? Check back!
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