50 Layers

Spinach, Gruyère, mushrooms, crepes…

New Spring Pea and Seared Scallop Appetizer

Here is our newest appetizer.   It’s really a soup, but seems to sell better when sold as an appetizer.   We’re using organic peas from Washington, Morels from here, Pea Tendrils from our kitchen grow lights and vanilla oil.  It’s finished with scallop zest using dehydrated scallops and my microplane.

New Phat Grafix on the Titanic.

Look for us around town or at the next big event!

New Toy… From Polyscience.

Got my new toy in the mail today.  Thanks Polyscience!  Can’t wait to fire it up!  Really wanna try to smoke some salads to start.


Sometimes things get hectic.  Big plans are made.  You see things changing at a rapid pace.  Sometimes you need to step back and refresh yourself.  Take a day, drive to the water and commune.

Micro Greens

Micro Greens growing nice under the grow lights.  Nice to have these…

Hearts and Vines Charity Auction

Here are some shots of the Charity auction dinner we did for Hearts and Vines…

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