50 Layers

Spinach, Gruyère, mushrooms, crepes…

New Spring Pea and Seared Scallop Appetizer

Here is our newest appetizer.   It’s really a soup, but seems to sell better when sold as an appetizer.   We’re using organic peas from Washington, Morels from here, Pea Tendrils from our kitchen grow lights and vanilla oil.  It’s finished with scallop zest using dehydrated scallops and my microplane.

New Phat Grafix on the Titanic.

Look for us around town or at the next big event!

New Toy… From Polyscience.

Got my new toy in the mail today.  Thanks Polyscience!  Can’t wait to fire it up!  Really wanna try to smoke some salads to start.


Sometimes things get hectic.  Big plans are made.  You see things changing at a rapid pace.  Sometimes you need to step back and refresh yourself.  Take a day, drive to the water and commune.

Micro Greens

Micro Greens growing nice under the grow lights.  Nice to have these…

Hearts and Vines Charity Auction

Here are some shots of the Charity auction dinner we did for Hearts and Vines…

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Some More Firsts of the Season. Spring is Here.

Here are some fern shoots we got in today, straight from our forager Louis at Mushrooms all Year.  Also brought the morels, yellow foot, black trumpets and hedge hogs.

Made some morel crusted scallops…

I Got Them… You Don’t.

First of the season and it’s not even Spring yet…  Happy days.  🙂

Luck ‘O the Irish…

Well, being 25% Irish, I though it might be nice to do a nice special tonight at the restaurant OTHER than the standard corned beef and cabbage.  So, we rolled on the Beef ‘n Guinness Stew paired with Welsh Rarebit on Irish Soda Bread with Spinach and a Poached Egg…

Made it with a traditional Irish Soda Bread:

Sold out tonight.  32% of our guests ordered this tonight.  Where were you??



Jeneane’s First Soda Bread.

Emerging Trend, Hopefully Not Fading…

We are seeing more and more butcher shops coming back.  In the old days, before “super centers” with their pre-packaged gassed meats, there were local butcher shops.  There was a day when people knew how to cook.  They would go to their butcher shop and find a WIDE range of cuts.  See, the butcher would get in whole animals and break them down and offer all possible cuts from this one animal with varied pricing based on the cut.  Now, at these so called “super centers” you’re lucky to see 6-8 different cuts of beef where you may see 12-18 different cuts from your local butcher.  Not only was there more variety, there was better utilization.  The whole animal was being used.  What a concept.  What’s more, these animals would come from a local source a majority of the time.

This post is not about meat butchers though.  It is certainly on the rise which is great.  But what’s more fascinating to me is the rise of the VEGETABLE BUTCHER.  Just like your friendly neighborhood meat butcher, these guys and gals will give advise, prep and perhaps have a good story about veggies and cooking in general.

From MSNBC.com:

Personal choppers: Meet the world’s first veggie butchers

They want to change the way people eat, one vegetable at a time

As Alex and Aki from Ideas in Food put it…  “This is a game changer”.  So, go out, find them, and support them.

Link to original article:


Ideas in food:


Check Out 880 AM KCMX Medford

I will be on with Russ Batzer on Southern Oregon Live at around 7:20am St. Patrick’s day 3/17/11.  Check it out.

“Southern Oregon Live is an informative, innovative and inspiring radio program featuring people, places and ideas that convey the culture of our region. With an progressive format and friendly hosts, Southern Oregon Live establishes a platform for interactive communication with the goal to connect the community and strengthen the economy.”

Also, check out channel 10 news KTVL Medford today at around 5:15pm for our next segment of West Coast Flavor.  It’s nice to go beyond the kitchen some days.  🙂






Jim, Innkeeper at The Wine Country Inn

I’m currently staying in St. Helena at The Wine Country Inn.  Beautiful even though I have arrived in the middle of a huge rainstorm.  I have been put up in one of the luxury cottages.  Thanks Jim, even though I have yet to meet you.  And thanks to Jerry for setting it up for me.  The purpose of this post is to relay something that occurred to me by staying here.  An epiphany of sorts.  See, I like Jim already and I have not even met him.  Here’s why:

I read a small piece he wrote on how he says he likes 5 star properties. It went like this:

“For this video, my wife wanted me to tell a story, but it was too long. For my 50th birthday, I wanted a huge celebration trip. I               read reviews of great hotels all over the world. I came up with a long list of 4-Star and 5-Star properties to visit. My wife reviewed         the list.

“You hate 5-Star properties,” she informed me.
“What, I love them,” I corrected her.
“You hate them,” she insisted.
“What are you talking about, look at these places, watch the virtual tours, they are all beautiful,” I whined.
“Granted, they are beautiful, but you don’t like dressing for breakfast, or even lunch for that matter. You love the luxury, but you         hate the attitude.”
Of course, she was right. And as The Wine Country Inn has become more and more luxurious, I have kept that in mind. I hope you       enjoy staying at The Inn as much as I love running it.”

I have been writing a lot about fine dining and how it’s changing.  Evolving.  And this is exactly why.  There is a big move to a casual feel. For the most part, guests want 5 star food.  They want attentive service.  They don’t want to dress up.  They don’t want to have to choose from 12 different types of silverware.  They don’t want to sit through a 3-4 hour dinner.  Fun, new, exciting, quick.  2-3 courses.  Value.  But…  must be impressive.  This is how things are changing.  I did not have the words to articulate this, but Jim did it perfectly.  Unpretentious hospitality.  Thanks Jim.

Wine Country Inn

St. Helena, California

Farming is the New Cool.

As I have said before.  Youngsters are finding value in hard work again.  Here’s an excerpt from “Cooking up a Story”…

March 10, 2011 As the season begins to change to Spring, I've noticed a lot
more attention being paid to the small farmer. Last week the New York Times
ran a piece on the growing interest of small farming with 20-30 year olds.

Check out the whole article here:

Urban farms are gaining in popularity too.  As a Wise (?) Greek recently told me, The future belongs to the ones who can grow food….

Cooking up a Story…

One of the most comprehensive websites I’ve come across that covers everything from people and local farms to sustainable living.  Stop by for the latest food news and how it affects you.  Great stuff.  “Bringing the people behind our food to life”.



Modernest Cuisine is Coming!!

Should be seeing this 40 pound cookbook arriving any day now thanks to some generous benefactors.  They say the ink alone weighs almost 5#.  Cost to have KINKOS simply photocopy this in black and white?  $180.00

REVIEW HERE:  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/09/dining/09modernist.html?_r=2&pagewanted=1

West Coast Flavors Featuring Jacksonville Inn

Today is the first airing of 6 episodes of West Coast Flavors we shot a couple days ago.  For all of you “Local” folks, it will be on Channel 10 KTVL at 5:00pm every Thursday.  Tune in and check it out…

If you want to check the episodes out on line, they will be posted here as they air:


Grab 2.5 minutes worth of popcorn and enjoy!

6 Entrées, 5 Desserts and 3.5 hours Later…

Great fun at West Coast Appliance in Central Point today filming segments for KTVL’s “West Coast Flavors” show with Anchor/Producer Trish Glose.  Here are some BTS shots thanks to Cate Cauguiran, Channel 10 NEWS anchor & multimedia reporter…

Video Shoot Tomorrow…

Here we are getting ready for 5 segments on Chanel 10 NEWS.

Another New Spring Dessert

Here’s our new French crepe and fresh chevre tort with orange curd, macerated strawberries and basil syrup…

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