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I like these…


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  1. That looks like a great response that is both detailed and informative. Great to see that someone wrote more than one word regarding their experience. Having worked in the service industry I have seen a lot of comment cards that are either full of obscenities or a bunch of doodles. I will also say that it comes down to the company that designs and collects the comment cards (if not done internally). If your card is poorly designed and rarely collected then they will never yield sufficient customer feedback. Like I said, I worked in the service industry, and during my time, one of the only 3rd party companies I saw conducting efficient comment card programs was a company called SQM. The cards were designed with the right questions and were collected on a frequent basis. This allowed the company I was working for to gain relative feedback from customers. If you or any of your readers might be interested, you can check out what they do here:

    Thanks for sharing that great example of a comment card though!


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