So happy for are most recent score.  Great job team!  This is only the 2nd time in my career to achieve this.  Lots of high nineties, but the 100 is the holy grail!

Fan Mail

VIA the servers from some happy guests…

Nice art work…  Thank you.

Found a Wristband that Stands for Something I believe In…

Head on over to to get yours for free…

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad.

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad.  The one who taught me value in saving.  the one who taught me the importance of perseverance.  The one who taught me to work hard and not give up.  The one who gave me discipline.  The one who taught me the value of planning and looking to tomorrow.  The one who taught me the importance of urgency and doing things right the first time.  The one who taught me structure.  The one who believed (and believes) in me.  The one who taught me honesty.  The one who gave me integrity.  The one who showed me to stand by my word.  The one who helped make me what I am today and confidence in what I can be tomorrow.  To the one who taught me to be a good father.  Whether he realizes it or not, it’s all of these things that make me proud to be who I am today and proud to be his son.


Funny…  I find myself in the garden every day, no matter how busy I am in the kitchen.  I think it helps my perspective and is very inspirational.  Even though it’s in its infancy,  the garden is more gratifying than ever imagined.


New Trout Dish

Oven Braised Rogue River Trout on Apricot Couscous with Grilled Asparagus, Caramelized Fennel, Cider-Chardonnay Sauce and Garden Greens (Using our garden french breakfast radishes and micro greens just harvested)

One of the Guys

Silvino.  This brother gets up at 5:00am for his first job, then comes and works for me until 10:00pm.  More power to him.

First Harvest!

We harvested Giant Red Mustard, Blue Vein Kale, Pea Tendrils, Curley Cress and Cilantro, all in the micro stage.  It wasn’t a lot, but it’s starting!  Very exciting.  The weather’s warming up and things are starting to really grow.

Jacksonville Inn Gardens

Final planting includes: Broccolini, 8 different types of cherry tomatoes, snow peas, pickling cucumbers, 5 color baby carrots, french breakfast radishes, 6 different summer squash, curly cress, blue veined kale, giant red mustard, basil, dill, mint, chervil, cilantro.

Kitchen Garden

New pea tendrils 3 days old.  Love those grow lights.

Cultivated Mushrooms

Forget the portabellos, shiitakis and oysters.  There are a newer variety of cultivated mushrooms out there now.  The still carry the wild mushroom price tag though at a hefty $11/lb.

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