Apprenticeships in the Culinary Field

The Eggbeater Blog authored by Shuna Lydon ( has some great perspective on apprenticeships and what culinary school is all about.  A lot of real world advice for people “just starting out”.  It isn’t as glamorous as T.V. makes it out to be and it seems now that “Celebrity” Chefs are a dime a dozen. 

I recently took on a cook who might be classified as someone “just starting out”.  I really felt that he wanted to improve himself in the field and learn some finer techniques.  He has **BASIC** skills, but with a strong desire to learn and a positive attitude.  He mentioned that cooking to him was a hobby up until now.

Okay, let me be real.  Cooking requires dedication.  Pure and simple.  You can pretend to be dedicated, but when you call in sick after just a month on a Friday night sighting stomach discomfort and that you will be okay the next day, don’t expect to still be on the schedule.  Folks, either you are in it or you are not.  And, as it turns out, drinking was the cause of this discomfort and a decision was made to not work. 

Check out Shuna’s blog.  It’s fun and insightful.  I am reading it more as it helps me articulate better to would-be “just starting outers”.

Sous Vide Rogue Creamery Blue Cheese

With blue cheese creme brulee and raspberry caviar.

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