Excerpt From One of My New Favorite Blogs…

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As Chefs, when you say, “_________.” = we hear “———–.”

 “Do I have to ~ ?” = “I’m lazy and I’m looking to you to validate me and my lazy ass.” “I don’t want to learn anything new or push myself in any way, shape or form.” “I like my comfy lazy spot and why would you want me to do something I don’t want to.” “I wanted to be a cook because I thought it would be fun, not hard.”

“I’m going to come in later than you’re asking. I’m set-up.” = “I don’t think about anyone but myself. I’m special.” “I am not on a team, I work by myself.” “I don’t want to do anything but what I have to.” “I’m an independent contractor.” “I’m psychic and I know how many covers we’re going to do between now and when I come in next. You should pay me extra for psychically forecasting our numbers.” “I’ve done way too much mis en place and nothing I serve in my next service will be fresh.” “I want to sleep in.” “I don’t care if disrespect my fellow cooks by trying to get special favors, personally, from the chef.”

 “There’s nothing to do.” = “Please fire me.” “My eyes have stopped working.” “I don’t know how to clean or organize.” “I was supposed to be a famous chef by now.” “I am worthless and if you still have me on payroll after I’ve uttered this, than you are a bigger fool than I.”

There is SO much meaning is so few words spoken.


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