A Chef and His Coffee…

So, I have this thing with coffee thermoses.   I have a particular type I like and, being made of plastic, may break after a while.  About 5 years ago, I stopped seeing this type in the stores I frequent.  They seemed to be replaced with cheaper models with small flaps/seals/caps that break or leek easily.  So, this one I have had for about 6 years and dread the day it needs to be replaced.  This one is the perfect size and keeps the coffee hot just long enough for me to finish it before I need to really focus on work. 

That day came recently.  While trying to turn the capped lid to line up the drinking opening with the handle, the handle broke off!  CRAP!!  In a panic, I turned to our hotel engineer Trapper and asked if he could somehow attach my handle.  30 minutes later, he reappeared with my newly reattached handle.

Now, I knew what he had done as soon as I saw it but had to give him a hard time…

  “Electrical tape, dude??  Couldn’t you at least have used duct tape?”

So, in reality, he had used a super plastic epoxy and the tape was there just to hold the handle in place while it cured.  Still funny.  I have to thank Trapper because a month later, the handle is holding on stong even without the tape.  Thanks, dude…

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