Food Revolution

It’s funny, Jerry handed me a newspaper article today that mention’s Jamie Oliver (British Naked Chef fame) and his new show that documents his efforts to start a food revolution in our American school’s food system.  What’s funny is that I received an email today from the web site “Cooking up a Story” which talks about the same show ( 

I normally reserve this blog for my work, what I do on a day-to-day basis.  I use it as a platform to grow ideas that can be executed in my kitchen.  I don’t normally write about politics or what’s happening outside my immediate arena.  This however, ties in directly with a food revolution that may have begun with Alice Waters almost 40 years ago.

At the Thrive Workshops I attended last month, there was discussion on how we could get local foods into our local school systems that would help foster a closed loop economic system.  More emphasis was placed on local food in local schools that was the fact that our kids are simply not eating healthy in schools.  Being a father of three young children that are in elementary school, this hits home. 

I urge everyone who reads this post to visit Hulu and watch the premier episode of Jamie’s program.  The full episode can be found here,  It would be an incredible thing to see this be the catalyst that really gets the ball rolling to reform our broken food system starting in the most important place, our children’s schools.


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