Farming=Hard Work=The New Cool

I see a new trend that’s starting to emerge.  Chef’s have been wanting to get closer to the food that they are preparing and many actually have their own working farms rasing everything from pigs to a plethora of produce.  But, something more is happening. 

Farming is starting to take on a new mentality.  There are younger kids that are graduating high school and actively seeking internships at working farms (typically smaller, family run farms).  Not afraid of hard work, these kids realize that the best thing we can do for the planet is plant a garden.  There’s a higher sense of purpose now associated with farming.  A sort of getting back to your roots or getting back to basics.   I have always had tremendous respect for farmers and now I see a new generation not afraid to take risks and think (or grow) outside the box.  There’s a huge emphasis on growing organic, open pollinated and heritage (heirloom) varieties of produce.  It makes me proud to see the tides turning and witness a revolt against large, corporate run farms.  I truly believe the days of farming subsidies will be over soon as farmers are keying in on how to run a smart business focused on local communities, not how to mass produce tasteless vegetables and fruits and find ways to ship them thousands of miles away.  It’s with this new sence of pride and stewardship that I say “Godspeed”.  What can I do to help?

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