Molecular Gastronomy: A New Emerging Scientific Discipline

Have you heard about Molecular Gastronomy or hydrocolloids?   Ever wonder why that ice cream you just ate was hot and appeared to “melt” as it cooled?  Chefs around the world are using a dizzying array of “chemicals” in food to manipulate textures.  These are the same “chemicals” used by the food manufacturing sector for years.  It’s why a Hershey bar can sit on a shelf for so long without the cocoa fat separating from the cocoa (emulsifier) or why orange juice has a slightly thick (viscus) mouth feel (Xantham gum).  

One of my favorite blogs, Khymos ( has posted a link to a major review article on molecular gastronomy.  They state that considering the impact factor of Chemical Reviews (ranked as a clear no. 1 among chemistry journals), this review will likely remain the review on molecular gastronomy for years to come.  Download it here:

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