The Creative Process.

Every good kitchen has a process it uses for a creative outlet.  Some method for taking an idea and evolving it into a product that will enhance the guest’s experience.  I am fond of using dry erase markers and writing all over any nonpourus surface like plates, smooth painted walls, stainless steel tables, you get the idea. 

If I have an idea I need to convey to a cook, I just pull out my marker and sketch it out right on the plate.  It’s more visual than trying to simply describe the idea. 

Well, I never said I was an artist.  But the idea is conveied.  This is our Rogue Creamery Blue Cheese Tasting for our Abacela Wine Maker’s Dinner this Friday.  Use you imagination.   Blue Cheese Creme Brulee with Toasted Flatbread and Raspberry “Caviar”, Rosemary Poached Sekel Pears Filled with Candied Walnuts and Blue Cheese and Sous Vide Blue Cheese with Oven Cured Raspberries.  You see it, can’t you?

So, this is how we do it.  I have seen many great chefs with their own style, but this works for me.  Plus the yellow color reminds me of sunshine as I work under 2,000 tons of brick.  🙂

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