Reality Sets In…

So, yeah….  I’ve been planting a lot of proverbial “seeds” for the past couple months…  You’ve read about a lot of “ideas” I have…  Farmer’s Co-Ops, On-Site Gardens, Enhancing our homemade bakery selections, more social networking, and so on…  Many “seeds” planted.  Many are starting to germinate.  There is a certain buzz in the kitchen even though this is our slow season and we’re lucky to bring in 50 dinner guests a night right now.  It’s hard to pick out which germinating seeds I want to cultivate.  Then, a shock of reality…

Any well run kitchen needs a good infrastructure.  The heart of this (and the part I have total command over) is the kitchen bible.  Our recipe book is a little worse for ware.  Sure, I have been having a lot of fun experimenting, planting “seeds”, building the hype…  But it doesn’t mean anything unless our bible is in order and our game plan for entering the busy season is set.  So, this will be the focus over the next week. 

Man, I really have a strong dislike for paperwork…

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