Oregon Truffles

What true culinary value do Oregon truffles have, especially considering the reputation of their european counterparts?  Sure, the Oregon truffles cost around 10% of what the French and Italians cost, but are they any good?  During my career, I have had the fortune to work with truffles (black and white) from Burgundy, Alba, Oregon and China.  The most I have seen the Alba whites go for are in the neighbourhood of $3,000 per pound.  Needless to say, in my frugal mind in trying to operate a successful business, 10% of $3,000 is only $300 for the Oregon whites and on occasion have used them (in both Hawaii and North Carolina).  I have to say that I have not been a big fan.  They would always be odorless and tasteless.  I simply assumed that they were just far inferior to their European counterparts.  Until now…

Now that I am here in the PNW, I get to work with these guys straight from the people who forage them.  They are not coming to me from a middle man where the truffles may have exchanged hands a number of times.  These come from people who know what they are foraging and supply the best.  I have learned that young truffles do not have any aroma or flavor and need more time to mature.  Perhaps this was the problem before.  I now consistently get truffles that are ripe, pungent and ready to take on any culinary creation I can think of.  That, and a bargain price of 90% off Europe’s truffles, make it a steel in my mind.  They are just as enchanting, perhaps more so because I live in the area where they grow and I work with the people who forage for them.  If you have a moment, check out the following web site that will discuss in further detail Oregon truffles and what they are all about.  Great stuff…



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