Is Fine Dining Dead?

Taken from Studio Kitchen’s Blog….  How do you feel??

New Rule #52.

Fine Dining is not Dead.

It is just being reconfigured, the usual bullshit trappings like fish forks, 12 kinds of bread options, American Waiters from Brooklyn with fake French inflected accents, table chargers, gratuitous floral arrangements, Michelin stars, table-side plating, flambeing anything anywhere on the premises especially the dining room, ad-nauseum celebrity chef restaurant type pre-dining instructions on how to consume dishes, the use of any phrase by waiters that starts with “chef prefers……”, solicitous eye contact, among several others.

Think on a case by case basis, a $125 tasting menu at Eleven Madison Park may be a better value than multiple small sharing plates at your “small plates tapas venue” after you factor in the 2 pizzas and couple of hot dogs you eat at Grey’s Papaya on your way home.

Fine Dining was and always will be about Fine Food.

What is happening is we are dispensing with the draperies, no more window dressing.


4 Responses

  1. Just as a follow up… This author believes the same as what was posted on the Studio Kitchen’s blog. It’s always about the food. As Jerry has said… “Best possible product at the best possible price…” Fine dining is no longer about how much money can you spend on any one given experience. It’s about the quality of the ingredients, the care in which they are prepared, and the creativity behind how they are assembled and presented. How many people here know how to use a fish fork or have felt that the server plating your meal tableside was very awkward? It’s about great food and fun. Not stiff or pretentious. Hallelujah!

  2. Although, I particularly like the “chef prefers…” bit. 🙂

  3. With the exception of the twelve choices of bread (I welcome as many as possible, as long as they actually return with the bread tray so I can try all twelve), I entirely applaud your aesthetic here. Or maybe your lack of aesthetic? I have a particular dislike for “solicitous eye-contact” which seems on far too many occasions to approach “obsequious eye-contact combined with timing their arrival to ask me how my food is *precisely* when my mouth is full”…. Bravo to tearing down draperies.

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