2010. New Year. Slow Season. PROJECTS!!!

  1. Trim back and precondition herb garden to accept new herbs and baby vegetable garden
  2. Update recipe books with current (and working) recipes.  🙂
  3. Update food cost tracking program with real recipes.
  4. New catering menus geared towards current economic climate.
  5. Get more involved with and acquaint myself with local producers (Local Cheeses, Locally Milled Grains, Local Charcuiterie Shop, Wineries)  There’s actually A LOT out here in this small area…
  6. Apply for and get brewers licence to start to produce in-house ales (call me Chef Brew Master!)
  7. Start more experimentation with texture manipulation via sous vide and chemicals (purchase gram scale!)
  8. Purchase small set of china for more detailed plate presentations.
  9. Get involved with local chamber of commerce.
  10. reorganize kitchen layout for improved efficiency.

A lot to do in 2 short months.  Let’s get crackin!

More Sous Vide

Okay.  I have decided to try to sous vide the duck confit.  Here’s some photos.  My next trick will be sous videing Chuck Roast cut into 8 ounce steaks, cooked at 130 degrees F for 2 hours.  The “Mock” filet.  We’ll see how it turns out….

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