Okay, Change is in the Air…

So, I think I have it….  The Inn has been running the same core menu for some time now (30+ years)…  To offer a new menu would really displease a lot of patrons who have come to rely on these items.  furthermore, I have come to realize that many of these dishes are iconic symbols of the Inn’s history and to simply delete them would be heresy.  So, I have developed a section of them menu to read “Chef’s Select Specialties” that will allow me to play, and experiment.  On the traditional side, all items come with the Chef’s Choice of Veg and either Mashed potatoes or Rice Pilaf (1970 somethings…?)  On the other side, I have created items that employ more current cooking styles and flavor profiles.  I always keep in mind that I am in the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon and not in New York or San Francisco, but it allows me a lot of creative freedom.  Also, I have learned that our dining room manager (who has been with us going on for 11 years now….) has a certain affinity towards progressive style cooking.  He keeps asking me when I am going to bust out the sous vide…  Well, I do have my own immersion thermal circulator.  Also, we have a cry-o-vac machine from 1978 (still works…)  The china limits the presentation somewhat….  But here’s some stuff….


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  1. Two of my favourite salads!

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