Chatting with your guests…

One thing that I am learning quickly is that the same people who have been comning here for 30 years are tired of the same stuff…  Odley enough, they have asked me for something new/unique/different.  Jerry reminds me, it’s my kitchen.  He has even said “change the menu.  There’s nothing THAT sacred there.”  Yeah, right.  If I took that advise literally, I’d be in the midst of a revolt.  It’s all good fun, and I have too much respect for all the hard work this man has put into his establishment.  So, I am working on a way to marry the old and the new.  This is turning out to be a great exploration.  What’s more, I am also learning that this region is very up-and-coming in the wine business.  Many appellations are just beginning to be nationally and worldly recognized. 


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