Oregon, here I come

Well, after about 3 months of looking and deliberating of where I could end up, I decided to work with Jerry’s team at the Jacksonville Inn in Jacksonville Oregon.  Built in 1861 (I love history) this hotel has been in operation as it currently is for over 33 years.  Jerry Evans, the owner, had faith enough to hire me (he had over 300 resumes to weed through) and I couldn’t be happier.  This is the first time I have worked for an independent owner.  I really has a different feel to it, but there is a huge focus on being the best and taking care of people.  There are no hidden agendas.  This is very refreshing and did realize how much I have missed out working so long in big business type environments.  In its 33+ years in existence, the awards and accolades it has received are too numerous to count.  It’s walls are adorned with celebrity photos and awards from over 3 decades.  Everyone from the Smothers Brothers to former president George Bush have stayed here.   I feel I have found a good home.


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