Some Photos From Oregon and Big Sur

Here are some photos of the areas I visited..
The first two are of Jacksonville, Oregon. Beautiful.
The middle two are of Big Sur from my balcony at Ventana.
The last one is of an unfortunate car that got caught in the mud slide in Big Sur which caused me to have to stay an extra night because of the road closure.


2 Responses

  1. Well hello Bill!
    It’s been roughly 19 years…
    I looked though you’re blog and enjoyed it quite a bit. Too bad we don’t have smell’o blog so I could take in the scents as well, especially that cured salmon…
    I’m not sure where I heard or read that you were chef in Big Sur, but that was a number of years ago. I was looking for an excuse to go down there, have some of your food, and say HOWDY. The plan just didn’t come together for one reason or another.
    So how’s the job hunt coming, and where are you cooking these days?
    Best regards,

    • Hey, buddy! I’m in Jacksonville Southern Oregon now. I’ve been taking a lot of photos and hope to update soon. Hope the years have been treating you well.

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