Elements and Where They Lead

There are certain little things that I love. Little things, that when used properly, really set a dish off. It can be something as simple as toasted parmesan or something complex as Horsradish Paper. Things that come together to help the whole become greater then the sum of the parts. Olive Soil (Crumbs, dirt, dust, whatever you call it…), mushroom risotto powder, assorted fruit or vegetable caviars or anything that we can use to garnish, heighten to enhance a great dish. These final touches need to be used judiciously and not applied willy nilly as I see so many younger chefs these days. Finesse, refinement, execution. Some of the elements that make a great chef and a lot of qualities I have seen in my own staff of dedicated professionals. One of my favorites is fried capers. The act of frying them makes them crispy, light and actually softens the brine flavor a bit creating a purer flavor.

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